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Anna's journey started when Marcelo Reyes her father, found out that his mother had been born in Texas and raised in Mexico. Her grandmother opened the path for them to legally migrate into the US and to Atlanta, Georgia from Mexico.

1979 Her father,

Marcelo Reyes opened his first Mexican resturant in Marietta, GA next to the Big Chicken landmark. He would later open a second Mexican Resturaunt on Terrell Mill Rd., in Marietta, GA. Anna worked dilligently as a waitress and studied the craft of the family busness.

1987 Tasty Experience

Anna's father supprised her and the familiy by openng the first Mexican Restaurant in the small town of Cartersville, GA. Her father wanted her to offer the commnity of Cartersville the tasty experience of the best Mexican food around.

Tragety Struck

Senor Marcelo Reyes passed in November 2010 and soon the following year Senora Reyes, Anna's Mother passed in the folowing year in August of 2011.

As you can imagine, the hardships Anna and her family had to endure druring this hard time in her life. She was heart broken.

31 Years in Business in Cartersville Comes to an End

Anna's made a life in Cartersville filled with great friends, longtime customers, and of course, amazing food. She raised her family there, yet, due to economic hardships and trying times, she had to make a difficult decision to close the doors that Senor Reyes once opened.

New Beginings

Anna's passion for food and the teaching of her family led her and her husband to open a new location not too far away in Euharlee, GA.
It is a beautiful location with hancrafted foods and a bar that is a gift for you, your friends, and family members.

Anna presents to the community,

Anna's Mexican Bar and Grill

Anna's Mexican Bar and Grill

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Daily Specials

Southern Mexican Meal

Mexican rice is so delicious! This is one of the meals that you can't live without. You can combine it with just about anything.

Chicken Wings

Our chicken wings are the best because they are made fresh, crispy, and tasty!! These wings are not precooked and need time to for preparation. Try our spicy mix with lemmon pepper!
We have:

  • Spicy
  • Lemon pepper
  • Barbeque
  • Terriyaki
  • Mango
  • Texas Rice

    Our famous Texas Rice has been a customer favorite for over 17 years! Others have tried but we still have the best. Our rice is drizzled in melted cheese, with chicken, steak, and or shrimp. Try it with our tasty salsa and chips.